What is a Pack Walk?


A pack walk with BBTP is an excursion with 2 handlers. A single pack includes 5-6 dogs for a structured walk for 1-2 hours. A pack walk is good for most non-reactive dogs. It’s a way to exercise, properly socialize, and train in a safe and fun fur-for-all. 

* NOT OPEN to Dogs not currently walked by BBTP. Only Available for Lakeview Dogs at this time.


  • Pack Walk (single): $30 per walk​​​​ ($20 SPECIAL if booked before 3/31/2020)

Extras (per walk):

  • Extra Pet (same household): add $10 per dog

  • Short Notice: add $5 per walk if requesting after 6PM the day before planned service 

  • Clean Up: add $10 per visit for medium messes, $15 per visit for large messes (i.e. Vomit / Diarrhea)

  • For each additional dog of the same household:  add $5 per walk  

  • All Major Holidays:  add $5 per walk

Pack Walk Guidelines

  • 2 Handlers per walk, available Mondays & Fridays

  • Dogs enrolled in the Pack Walk go on a 1-2 hour long walk 

    • Dogs will be picked up before 10am for that day’s Pack Walk

    • Dogs will be dropped off at the conclusion of that day’s adventure

  • Limited to 5-6 dogs per walk 

  • Dogs are to be kept on leash at all times

    • Absolutely no retractable leashes

  • Check the portal prior to leaving your house just in case we cancel due to weather

    • We do not offer Pack Walks in the rain or in extreme temperatures

    • Solo / traditional walks will be scheduled as needed 

  • Handlers will not allow dogs to engage with non-participants (dog or human)

  • Handlers will carry water, poop bags, or other provisions 

  • Handlers will clean up after your dog(s)

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