As you may know, we cater to cats too. Feline friends whose fur parent(s) may be out of town or working late can count on us to step in. Care includes cleaning and/or refilling litter box, providing fresh water and food, administer medicine (if needed), and kitty playtime. Daily pawgress reports will also be provided.


  • 1 Daily Visit (20 mins): $20 a day

  • 2 Daily Visits (20 mins each): $36 a day

  • 3 Daily Visits (20 mins each): $54 a day

Extras (per visit):

  • Short Notice: add $10 if booked less than 5 days prior to booking date 

  • Clean Up: add $10 for medium messes, $15 for large messes in multiple rooms 

  • For each additional pet of the same household:  $5 each cat 

  • All Major Holidays:  add $10 per day

    • Includes Easter ​Sunday, ​Memorial Day Weekend (Fri-Mon), ​4th of July Weekend (Fri-Sun), ​Labor ​Day Weekend (Fri-Mon), ​​Thanksgiving and Day After (Thur-Fri), ​Christmas ​Eve, Christmas ​Day, ​New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day

      • Must be booked 14 days prior to booking date. If booked less than, refer to short notice fee.

Key Policy

What fur parents can expect: 

  • Pawgress Report with photos 

    • Accessible thru our management tool, Time to Pet

  • Water Bowl always refreshed each visit

  • Feeding Service (BREAKFAST/ LUNCH / DINNER)

  • Litter Box Service

  • Kitty playtime  

  • Treats (if permitted)

  • Minor clean-up

  • Administering medicine

  • Retrieving mail / packages 

  • Watering plants 


We request two sets of keys to be on-file. Clients are able to drop off / pick up during our business hours. 


We highly encourage clients to utilize a lock box if they live more than 0.50 miles (i.e. a 10 min walk) from the store. 

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