Frequently Asked Questions

What are your service hours for dog walking?

- Our regular dog walking hours are from 10AM-5PM during the week. - Walks are available before / after regular hours. - A service charge for walks outside regular hours and weekend walks are applicable.

What areas do you cover?

We gladly offer our pet care services within: - Lakeview - Lakeview East - Wrigleyville - Boystown - Lincoln Park (as outlined below) Due to covid / workforce shortage, we're unable to offer service to the following neighborhoods temporarily: - Park West - Wrightwood Neighbors - West Lakeview - Buena Park - Roscoe Village - North Center - Lincoln Square

Are you insured & bonded?

- Yes! The safety of your pet and our pet care specialists are our top priority. - Every walk or pet sitting visit is covered by our insurance.

How do I become a client?

- To get ​started, simply sign up online to create an account with our pet care software. - Upon review, management will approve your account within 2 business days (not including the weekend). - Afterwhich, we'll connect to schedule your Meet & Greet via Calendly * Holiday care must be booked 2 weeks in advance. ** New clients will be accepted for holiday care based on availbility.

How do you book a service?

  • For established clients, simply log into your Time to Pet account to submit your request. Click here for desktop version.
  • To download mobile app, select your operating system:

What's a Meet & Greet?

Prior to the start of any service, we conduct a ​Meet ​& ​Greet at your home. A general appointment covers dog walking and pet sitting. ​This meeting is ​an ​opportunity ​for ​you ​and your ​pet ​to ​get ​acquainted ​with Bark by the Park and vice versa. Most importantly, we utilize this time to develop your pet's profile by asking a series of questions that will help us provide the best care possible. Please NOTE the following: 1.) Weekday appointments are available after 6pm from Tuesday - Thursday. 2.) Weekends (Saturday-Sunday), appointments are based on availability. 4.) Submit at least two weeks prior to planned start date. 5.) For a short notice request (i.e. first service date is under two weeks notice), a rush fee of $15 (for dog walking / general pet sitting) and $25 (for Holiday Pet Sitting) is required and non-refundable. To become a client / sign up for a Meet & Greet click here.

How are keys handled?

When ​you ​make ​a ​reservation ​with Bark​ ​by​ ​the​ ​Park (BBTP), ​you’ll ​have ​the ​option ​to ​let ​us ​know ​how your ​walker ​or ​sitter ​will ​gain ​access ​to ​your ​resident:

  • We request two sets of keys to be on-file
  • Your ​key ​will be ​available for pick-up at the front desk ​/ with doorman
  • You ​or ​someone ​else ​will ​be ​home ​to ​allow ​the ​walker ​access ​to ​your ​home
  • We highly encourage clients to utilize a lock box if they live more than 0.50 miles (i.e. a 10 min walk) from the store.
Keys on file are labelled with your First Initial, Last Name, Phone Number, and Pet Name. When keys are not in use, they are stored in our lockbox cabinet. Clients are able to drop off / pick up during our business hours.

Will ​I ​always have the same pet care specialist? ​

As ​a regular ​client, ​you’ll ​be ​matched ​with ​a ​consistent ​pet ​care ​specialist. ​If ​your ​pet ​care provider ​happens ​to ​be ​out ​sick, on ​vacation, or unavailable that day, ​another ​Bark ​Park ​Team ​Member ​will ​fill in ​temporarily. * A regular client will have a minimum of 3+ walks a week to qualify. This is requested in order to enable us to schedule staff accordingly so that we can meet the needs for both parties.

What are our hiring practices?

Finding the right personnel to help us care for our clients and grow our business is very important to us. All ​of ​our ​employees ​undergone ​a ​rigorous ​hiring ​process ​(initial phone screen, inperson interview, reference check) and a background ​check is required. Once a potential applicants meets our qualifications onboarding and training begins. Before a new walker starts a new route, they are provided training and they shadow with a senior pet care specialist. ​

Do you work on weekends or holidays?

Yes, our pet care specialists are available year-round. All ​major ​holidays ​will ​incur ​an ​additional ​service ​fee per ​day: - Add $10 per day for Easter ​Sunday, ​Memorial Day Weekend (Fri-Mon), ​4th of July Weekend (Fri-Sun), ​Labor ​Day Weekend (Fri-Mon) - Add $15 per day for Thanksgiving and Day After (Thur-Fri), ​Christmas ​Eve, Christmas ​Day, ​New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day * Weekend and holiday care must be booked in advance. ** New clients will be accepted based on availability.

What's your dog walking cancellation policy?

We require all cancellations to be submitted at least 24 hours in advance. This requirement is a courtesy to our pet care specialists who rely on their pre-set schedules. However, we understand that life happens. At the very latest, you are still able to cancel same day. If staff is enroute or onsite, payroll has been activated and a cancellation fee of 50% of the base rate is applicable. Other Cancellation Scenarios for future reference... - If you cancel a walk with proper notice, you will not be charged for the service. - If you have a dog walking package / bulk invoice, your walk credit will still be available for future redemption. - If cancelled and the walk was pre-paid in advance, you will have a credit on your account for future use. Credits do not expire.

Do you have service fees?

Yes. Similar to our competitors, we have a few standard fees, such as: Short Notice: If ​submitting ​a ​request under ​24 hours in advance of ​the ​service ​date, ​an ​additional ​service ​fee ​of ​$5 ​will be ​added ​to ​your ​invoice. Rush Fee: For a new client needing service within 1 week or less, a service charge of $15 will be added to your first invoice. Before / After Hours: A service charge of $5.00 will be applied to walks outside of regular hours (10am-5pm). Weekend Hours: A service charge of $5.00 will be applied to walks requested for Saturday or Sunday. Holidays: All ​major ​holidays ​will ​incur ​an ​additional ​service fee...

  • Add $10 per day for Easter ​Sunday, ​Memorial Day Weekend (Fri-Mon), ​4th of July Weekend (Fri-Sun), ​Labor ​Day Weekend (Fri-Mon)
  • Add $20 per day for Thanksgiving and Day After (Thur-Fri), ​Christmas ​Eve, Christmas ​Day, ​New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day
Extra Pet: If you have more than one pet, an extra pet fee is applicable.
  • For Dog Walking, $5 per dog
  • For Cat Sitting, $5 per cat

What's your payment policy?

All services are prepaid and we require that a payment method be on file. Payments can be completed on client portal called Time to Pet, in-store, venmo or zelle. We gladly accept all major credit cards. Payments processed through the portal are automatically applied to invoices. All open invoices must be closed before the last day of the month.

What are your service hours for cat sitting?

- We are available for cat sitting all year round. - Standard Pet Sitting Hours: 7AM - 7PM

Are there any perks to being a client?

Yes, of course! We offer a referral program with the opportunity for you to earn service credits.

Is Gratuity included?

- Gratuity is not included, but gladly appreciated. - My staff keeps 100% of their hard earned tips for caring for your pawsome pet(s). - You can easily add a % or a custom amount to your invoices.

What's your holiday pet sitting cancellation policy?

The holidays are our busiest time of year. As a courtesy to our pet sitters, we would ask that you cancel no later than two weeks prior to the start date of your service. If a holiday service is cancelled less than one week before the service start date, a $25 cancellation fee will be charged.

What's your general pet sitting cancellation policy?

We understand that life happens. We can accommodate minor updates at no additional cost. As a courtesy to our pet sitters, we require clients to submit cancellation requests 1 week in advance. If cancelling under less than one week, a $25 cancellation fee will be assessed.

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