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Dog Walking with Bark by the Park


Whether you're in the office or working from home — let us give you that extra helpful paw! Beyond the physical health benefits, your pup will enjoy the other benefits of daily walks, which include: mental and emotional health. We guarantee a tail-wagging good time during our time together. 


At minimum, we require 2+ walks a week to maintain your place on the schedule.

To learn more about our service area and policies, visit our FAQs.

PRIVate walk rates

  • Puppy Breaks (2 x 15 mins): $44 per day / $22 per walk *

  • Regular Walk (30 mins): $25 per walk​​​​ 

  • Mutt Strut (45 mins): $35 per walk​​​​

  • Adventure Walk (60 mins): $42 per walk

During severe weather (hot or cold), our 60 min services will not be available for safety of your pet and walker. We will also enforce our Inclement Weather Policy when needed.

* Our puppy breaks are intended for puppies only. This option includes two separate visits. 


  • Regular Walk (30 mins): $23 per walk​​​​

  • Mutt Strut (45 mins): $33 per walk 

  • Adventure Walk (60 mins): $39

NEW SERVICE Each walking club (aka. pack walk) will consists of 3-4 pups, based on size. Dogs will be leashed at all times.


The first two weeks are a trial to ensure that your pup and team are a good fit for each other. Before a new pup can join a pack, we require private walks to assess walking behaviors and quirks. The number of walks are determined by a case-by-case assessment. After which, your pup will join the walking club where we will monitor how well your dog does in a small group. ​If your pup exhibits aggressive behavior or other traits not conducive to a pack, they will be transitioned to private walks.  


  • Must be a friendly and social pupper (i.e. good temperament) to join the BBTP's Walking Club

  • Must be walked on a collar and harness 

    • We also use collar clips for an extra layer of safety and security 

  • Must use a traditional leash

    • Retractable are not allowed


  • This walk option will only be available for the (12-3PM) window during the weekdays

    • Our private walk option is available before or after ​


  • Extra Pet (same household): add $7 per dog

  • After Hours: add $5 per walk for services before 10AM or after 4PM (weekdays)

  • Weekends: add $10 per walk 

  • Short Notice: add $5 per walk (if after 5PM the day before)

  • Same Day: add $10 per walk

    • Cutoff is 9AM (day-of), availability not guaranteed

    • For scheduling purposes, we can only accept 30 mins services

      • Anything longer could cause scheduling disruptions for other clients  

  • Holidays: add $10 per walk

    • Applicable for all major holidays

Key Policy

We ask all active and prospective clients to utilize a lockbox. This measure will help us simplify access for our pet care specialists. We highly recommend units with a weather protector cover. 

What fur parents can expect 

  • GPS Tracked Pawgress Report with Photos + visit updates

    • Accessible thru our management tool, PetPocketBook

  • Water Bowl refreshed (as needed)

  • Feeding (if requested)

  • Post Walk Treat (if permitted)

  • Minor clean-up

  • Administering medicine if necessary

  • Playtime (if time allows) 

  • Bringing in packages 

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