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Dog Days of Summer

Updated: May 26, 2021

As all Chicagoans know, it's a blessing and curse when summer finally arrives. It's time to shed the layers and enjoy the outdoors with your furry friend.

However, how do you keep them cool? As you know, select breeds are more sensitive to the heat. Here's some summer essentials to beat the heat for small to large breeds:

  • We highly recommend ~ Cooling Bandanas

    • They're lightweight and use evaporative cooling process to bring down your dog’s temperature. Simply wet and tie around their neck.

    • This Summer we have three patterns to choose from: (in Small, Medium, Large)

  • Hitting up a patio or have water handy for yourself too? Try a Travel Water Bowl

    • Collapsible silicone bowls available in 3 colors and 2 Sizes ~ Small + Large

  • Definitely avoid walking on the hot pavement, the shade is your friend :)

    • Consider booties like Lavasox

      • If you're a Saltsox fan, you'll love these ~ we can size you up and special order these for you in-store. Same-week turnaround since vendor is local.

We hope you find these summer essentials helpful. When in doubt or in severe hot temperature, keep your pups indoors or limit activities to the early mornings or evenings.

Stay pawsome + Thanks for reading 🐾

Nicky, Owner of Bark by the Park

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